Richland Hills fresh sliced apples are sweet and juicy apples that are chilled crisp, pre-cut into slices, treated to halt browning, and rushed to you to maintain the highest level of freshness.

Now you can add another fresh fruit option to your menu planning, or try out some of those delicious apple recipes you have avoided in the past.

School food service operators have also discovered that students love these crisp, nutritious fruit snacks. We’re talking about pure fresh apples – no sugars or fillers – not frozen. Richland Hills products are treated with an anti-browning agent known as Nature Seal. Nature Seal is a benign compound whose main ingredient is ascorbic acid (vitamin C), followed by calcium ascorbate and calcium carbonate. The above ingredients carry the GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) designation from the FDA. Nature Seal does not require a special atmosphere to inhibit browning, so opened packages can be held for future use (up to 21 days) as long as proper temperature (32-36 degrees F) and code date limits are met.